Home Page Loading Issue

I purchased the Kriya Yoga theme. We went live. it was all working fine. I made some changes with content and SEO and when I left the site it was fine. Then suddenly a couple days later I saw that the home page started displaying content from the other pages instead of the content which is programmed into it/displaying on the back end.

So the backend shows the home page the way it is supposed to look and the actual website home page is loading content from other pages instead.

I have a developer working on this for me. He hasn’t been able to find the issue. Any ideas?


The best way to get the support is Contact your purchased theme Author. Contact Author and let them know.

You can also check Your homepage displays settings:
from wp-admin => Dashboard => Settings => Reading you will see “Your homepage displays”


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Aloha Mgscoder!

Thanks so much for your reply!

I finally figured out how to contact the author after I had posted this - but THANK YOU SO MUCH for answering! That solved the problem. Not sure why it had been displaying properly at first, but both displays were set to “home.” After changing the bottom one to the blog page, it fixed the home page.

Thanks again. Incidentally, the author never responded so I am so grateful that you did! I’m new to wordpress, so getting around in it is still tricky.

Have a great day!

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