I have now bought WP-Theme and it is not compatible with 5.4 WP

Can you please help me how I can inform the support? I just bought an endlesslove WP-theme ( 49) and not compatible with 5.4. Then I noticed that there is a new theme. Latest theme costs 40 …


In theme details page showing:
Software Version: WordPress 4.9.x,

So, there is a possibility the theme will not be compatible with latest version wp 5.4.
You can ask them about compatibility in the theme comments page by posting your comments/query and may be you can also request a refund.


Thank you for your reply.

I just installed 4.9.x Wp and now I can’t install the demo files. Please see picture. My hoster has Mariadb servers. It should work. Could you please give me additional help?

You should not downgrade your WP because of the theme! If the theme doesn’t work with latest WP, then do no use it and try to refund it if possible. Outdated themes shouldn’t be even sold here IMHO, but it is not up to me to make such rules.
If you really love the design, then try to get in touch with the author and ask him if he is willing to update the theme. If not, then you will have to hire someone who can fix it up for you. If you are building the site, I assume you plan to use it for at least few years. If the theme doesn’t support current version of WP, it will get only worse in the future. Support for the latest WP release is just must, do not compromise on that.

Where and how can I request a refund?