I have no access to a generator token

Hi! when I try to get the Envato token they do not generate it to me by saying that I’m not logged in! But when I press the “Sign in” button they refresh the page but don’t logged me in, what can I do?

Thank you all

Hi @Danicerio13,

I haven’t seen this behavior before. To try and troubleshoot it, can you please perform the following steps to try again?

  1. Go to account.envato.com, and sign out if you’re already signed in.
  2. Sign in to account.envato.com again.
  3. Go back to build.envato.com and click the sign in button (if it’s present).
  4. Try generating your token again.

If you run into any problems, please reply here and describe them. You can also open a help ticket here if you need to send us screenshots or any other private information.