Another API error 43 - can i choose the user to login?

I receive an error when trying to login at
Could not load signed in user profile: The API returned an error (403 - )

After Hard reload the problem persists.
I do have multiple logins and I don’t know which user is using. No reference at all. I suspect that it isn’t the same of the purchase at
The same happens in this forum. When I click “sign in” I’m auto logged without any choice…

What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

Response codes

  • 403 means the personal token is incorrect or does not have the required permission(s).

Envato API personal token:
You can generate Envato API personal token here . Please make sure you set required Token permissions. It may prompt you to sign into your Envato account

Before you create a new token the following 3 permissions should be selected from the list of permission available on the Token page.

  1. View and search Envato sites (checked by default)
  2. Download the user’s purchased items
  3. List purchases the user has made

permission except the above 3 can cause other error. Hope this will help you.


Hi, thanks for the reply. Finally I changed to the user I purchased the theme. The problem is I can´t login to create a token. I click sign in and shows error 403 and “To manage your applications, you must first log in with your Envato Account.”


yes, you have to login in envato using the original purchaser account login credentials. Thanks

Thank for your reply.
Today I was finally able to create the token.
Didn’t do anything, just enjoyed the weekend, and 2 days later everything was ok, lol.


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