i have a problem on my dashboard and need help

i have this comment and i need someone to help me to know why this comment on my dashboard
(( Your portfolio is currently disabled and your items are not available for sale. For more information, please visit our…))

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Could be a number of reasons

Ask support

Envato Author Support

i need to know all the reasons i try to send them an email but no respond

Could to do with ID or other info which has not been submitted, excessive rejections from submitted files, etc.

Only support will be able to confirm.

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how i can reach the Support ? i try to reach but no one answered

If you already submitted a support ticket then please keep patience envato support team will reply you as quickly they can.


i did not get any emails ?can somebody help i still have a problem

is there any other way i can reach them?

you can also Tweet them your ticket number at @envato_help

May we know have you completed the Author ID check?

can you explain what you mean with Author ID check ? what can i do ?

i just realized my id check is expired ,is there any way i can reach someone to send me new link on my email to renew my id check ??

You have to open a Author support ticket and request them to send you a new link for Author ID check. Envato team will assist you.