can't reach author support due to renew product problem

renewed my support for a product need help with it trying to write to author and i get this error “Your support period for this item has expired. Please renew support to create new tickets.”

during ticket writing, although i renewed the support for 6 months 3 days ago !

wrote ticket in code canyon no respond yet ((

I’m not sure if you wrote the ticket earlier or now but if it’s 6 months 3 days ago, your support is expired ( you should’ve contacted them earlier ) and you may need to renew the support once again.

If you have already renewed and still getting the same message, just send the purchase details for the support to the author

i did renew the support dear ! that’s why i;m complaining ))

how to reach the author if the only way to reach him is through the support ticket system and it is not allowing me )) kinda stuck in a loop lol