I have 2 Youtube channels, can I use products downloaded from Envato Elements for both?

I have a single Envato Elements profile and I have subscribed for an annual plan, and have been using it Envato Elements for a year now. I am creating a new Youtube channel. Can I use the same Envato Elements account for both Youtube channels? The channels will have close naming, the same voice, and almost similar content. I guess, since its a subscription-based platform unlike Videohive etc, there are 2 options: either creating another Envato Element account for another channel but it seems extremely inconvenient, or being able to use it for the second channel too without any problems. There is no single info about this anywhere.

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You can have, and use content from Elements, on as many Youtube channels as you want… you just need to makes sure each use is registered to ensure the Elements contributors are compensated appropriately.


Yeah, you can use but in case if you upload the same video on both of the channels minor copyright issues may arise. I experienced the same.

Not true, I got a copyright strike for one of my channels it was almost impossible to contest, I have multiple channels and i use multiple subscriptions and still get strikes

Getting copyright notices is normal, see this page for further details…

If you’re getting copyright strikes after following the process above for responding to copyright notices, then you should contact Envato Elements support…