can I use 1 account envato elements with 2 different user?

hello there,

I want to ask about the terms of using the Envato Elements account

can I buy a personal account then I use the content to make a video made by my videographer. so the user of the account is my videographer. he’s 1 person

One day my videographer was sick and couldn’t use the Envato Element account anymore, is it possible if I leave the account to another videographer?

and the second question is

Can 1 envato elements account be used by 2 people but alternately or not at one time ?? for example, i use my envato elements account at the morning, and my sister use my account at the evening??

Thank you for the help

No - transferring access/use is not allowed

The easiest way would be to subscribe to a team account so different users can all have access