Can I use Envato Element assets in my YouTube videos?

Hi there,
I’ve a pre-sale question before buying envato element subscription.

Can I use Envato Element assets in my youtube videos. I understand that, I need to register items every time I use. But is that allowed to use items in YouTube videos?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @fakrulislam,

I think you can use elements item for your youtube channel.

Take a look on this article hope you get the answer.

Still have any question my opinion open a Envato Elements Help TIcket they would like to assist you with an official answer.

Hope this thread also helpful for you.


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Hey I’m curious about this too - I make youtube videos and want to use some of the cartoon graphics elements across my content. I’d be using multiple elements over and over again - does that mean I would have to purchase the package each time I want to use the element in a separate video on my youtube channel?