I got my Fund but deducted $70

I just withdrew using a SWIFT transfer for the first time. On the statement page it says that the SWIFT withdrawal fee is $25 but I received the amount -$70.

Why I got my funds from Citi bank New York instead of any Australian Bank?

45$ is charged by your bank. If you read the statement page, it says there may be additional charges

My bank received $732.21 from Citi Bank US and i withdraw $802.21 from Envato.

Here is my assessment:
$25 deduct from Envato as transaction FEE.
Envato bank (CommonWealth Bank of Australia) deduct $25 for sending money to Citi Bank US.
Citi Bank deducted $20 for send to my Bank.

I am not sure why Envato not sending my funds directly to my Country Bank, whey they are using 2 intermediate bank.

Anyone can explain this?


For any questions/problem with funds/fees please reach the Envato Help Team in a ticket, here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Hello bitlers,

Do you’ve received any answer on your question?

If so, can you, please, share your experience?


Hi Aquavitae,

No body have answer of my question and i am still deducting $70 on every widthraw.

Sorry bro :frowning:

Ahh, ok, thank you! :thinking: