I downloaded an Envato website theme where can i upload it?

After downloading an Envato website theme where is the best place can i upload it? or do i create my own platform if so where do i start? I already have a host…

You need your own domain and hosting.

If it’s a HTML template then you add this to the root directory

If it’s a WP theme then you need to install WP and then upload the theme there (it won’t look like the demo until you install demo content)

I have my domain and hosting through Hostgator

after it is uploaded to the host what are my next steps to take before it becomes live? It is an Html file. do I need to decompress the zip folder?

If it’s a HTML template then once you upload the relevant files to your root directory then it will be live.

With respect - HTML templates do not come with a CMS and requires you to edit the HTML/CSS/JS code to make changes. If the upload process is alien, then you may find the editing a bit of a challenge.