how to Uploading Landing page To envato

Hi I create a Tour landing page now I want to upload the landing page to Envato
I know how to upload an HTML landing page but there is one part I don’t understand is the file structure

when you are uploading a theme it says that upload the main files without out the images
but if I do that then how are they going to show my website demo on Envato and with a placeholder image the theme does the look that great too.

I am just a little confused about where should I upload the landing page with demo images Or placeholder image I am using Unsplash for image and their images are free of Commerical use.

now there is a theme previewer it supposes to be a zip file so I create an image by the name of
01 preview.png and made that into a zip file is that ok

Thank you

Envato does not host your demo. You need to submit a demo link (you host) with the images

The download version that buyers get should not include these (regardless of source). You can always reference where they come from in the description

Thanks For the reply Sir
So I don’t have a host then are are going to show the demo of my page
what if I buy a free hosting service will that work