I don't really understand how subscription works

Hi guys,

Sorry for being such a noob but I just bought an annual subscription and I am trying to buy some mockups (this is just an example) and when I check my basket, items prices is still the same that if I was without subscription. Sorry for my broken english, I hope my question is clear…

In reality, what are my rights being a subscriber for Elements ? I thought some would become free, isn’t it the point of subscribing ?

Thanks in advance for helping me (of course I sent the same message to help.elements@envato.com !)

Hello! Envato Elements and Envato Market are different marketplaces. There is no subscription on Envato Market.
When you subscribe to Envato Elements, all items from Envato Elements are available for download. On Videohive, GraphisRiver, Audiojungle, ThemeForest and CodeCanyon (Envato Market), items are sold separately

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Thanks a lot for your quick and clear answer !! Didn’t get that point :frowning:

but I will find many useful things in Elements I presume !

All the best !


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