Elements vs. Market

So I’m new to I Envato and I don’t really understand the difference between elements and market. I have a subscription does that mean I can download anything from the whole Envato website? Or is there like multiple sites under the Envato name so then how do I know what I can download and not?

Thanks for the explanation to the newbie!

Elements is items from www.elements.envato.com NOT the main marketplaces.

Other differences include no support or updates to items as you get from the main marketplaces

Ok and my subscription is only good for the elements products, I have to pay for the marketplace products? There is NOT a subscription for download of both places??

It’s not to download from elements AND Themeforest, graphicriver etc.

Some items will be available on both markets, some will be exclusive to just elements or just the main marketplaces

Well I wish I would have known that before I signed up to the subscription, the 200 I used for elements maybe I could have bought all the things I need/want for the little bit of video editing I do…bummer.

If you have not downloaded anything then you might be able to get refund (obviously don’t download anything else if requesting it).

@AZP_Photos - look at this from another angle -> marketplace items are similar or even the same as elements items (very often you can find the same item on both markets from the same author) - simple example:

On the market you can buy some digital goods right? - lets say the average price for item is $9 (just for example). So for $200 you can buy 22 items.

On the elements you can download… as much as you want - I’ll give you extreme example - let;s say you are downloading ONE item per minute… drinking tea… after one day (8 hours) of downloading you have 480 items. Let’s say each item is worth $9 -> so in one day you got digital goods worth 4.320 USD.

Maybe you should consider examples above :slight_smile: - keep in mind -> at this moment we have unlimited downloads on elements but this can be changed in the future, maybe some limits are coming in the near future… who knows. :slight_smile: hehe

good luck.

Also keep in mind that there is absolutely 0 support from the authors included. This is a major factor to plus Envato Market. The market is still the best reliable source for an “forever” license and author support. That’s a fact, but your example is excellent as well.

yes - support is important when we are talking about websites or anything from code canyon… etc

but when it comes to works like flyers, posters or even some scenes for aftereffects… is support that important? In case of photoshop poster or AE scene simple PDF help file explains everything… if someone needs more than help file I bet he/she needs tutorial for software itself :slight_smile:

I had some emails like “what software I need to edit your PSD files?” … so my answer was always "if you are not familiar with Photoshop… if you don’t know the basics of this software… I recommend you (and here are some links to Youtube tutorials). :slight_smile:

Otherwise I have to teach every customer like this the software basics… which is… months of teaching hehehehe

That’s my point of view. Peace :slight_smile:

But my point of view is not 100% legit… my point of view is from author position.

This is very personal thing - everyone should decide for himself.


I provide always support for my items no matter where are you buying, Envato Market or Envato Elements. If item is well developed and documented the chances are almost equal to zero that someone will need support.

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Me too - every of my design have help file, on the market and on the elements.

I agree, but I’m guessing we’d feel very different about that if we were selling Wordpress themes.

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Yeap. Even Site Templates or code. It depends on the Marketplace where the product originates from to be honest.