I do not know why they rejected my flyer ... Help

My flyer was rejected with hard rejection, could you help me to know what went wrong?Flyer_Template%20(Summer)2

I think maybe they thought it’s very simple design could be the reason…

@KCMediaOfficial This article was approved later, You can see it in my portfolio … Thank you for your opinion. https://graphicriver.net/user/ycdp/portfolio

oh great to here that your item has been approved…congo man…

and by the way how was it accepted when it is rejected??? can you please let us know that??

I realized that the file I loaded for the revision was in RBG, so I converted it into CMYK. I also included the name of the font I used in the preview in the description and in the help file.txt (I had not done so, I only included the font that I used in the main file). Also organize the layers differently.