I did not got support from the help center


I submit the ticket about Refund Request Dispute Id #846940 on Monday 26, Jun.2017, now I’m not yet to receive feedback from your help center team.
And today I did not receive feedback from the author (NRGThemes) about my refund’s request, I submit it last 11 days.
I don’t understand what’s happen?
I feel disappointed your support.
Please reply and feedback me ASAP.

Thank you,

This is an open community forum. You cannot get support here. We’re users just like you. :slight_smile:

Please be patient as your dispute will be responded to as soon as possible. It can take around a week especially during times where there’s a lot of support tickets to handle.

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Thank you for your suggestion.
But no choice for me.
11 days for waited it.

You only submitted the dispute 4 days ago. Give them a few more days to respond. I am not sure if they’ll respond over the weekend though.

Today my issue has been resolve.

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I know it is not relevant here but can you let me know how to get in touch with support to raise a ticket??
I am new to this community and wanted to support regarding Angular 2 theme.

Thanks in Advance.

Envato Help & Support Center

But remember if it’s a theme or item related query then it’s the author you need to contact for support not envato


Thanks Charlie. That`s what i wanted to know as to how to contact the Authors??.
Should i directly post here and someone will reply or is there any specific mail where i need to send my query to??

Without knowing the exact file it’s hard to advise but look above the main item image on it’s item page and there will be tabs including “support” where there will be instructions

Hi Charlie,

The Template i am using is themeforest-19325966-fury-angular-2-material-design-admin-template.

Author support https://themeforest.net/item/fury-angular-2-material-design-admin-template/19325966/support