I could not upload my uncode theme unto my wordpress theme

Hello! May you please assist me on the uncode theme. I purchase the theme last year and had a problem with my hosting and got a new hosting server. I am trying to upload the theme to the wordpress theme. and It kept asking me question. “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again”

That’s usually a hosting thing - use FTP and that should work

I have done it before. and it worked via the same method, I did not change the hosting server, I only upgrade it.

If you bought the file last year then you will be out of the support period. You could

I’d still suggest trying FTP first though

Okay, May you please assist! on how to use FTP, I have installed the wordpress through my cpanel >> file manager>> public_html and it works. but now when I login to the wp-admin and go to appearance >> theme.
it does not want to upload uncode.zip folder…

  • log into your sites FTP in the directory containing your WordPress installation

  • go to “wp-content/themes”

  • upload the UNZIPPED THEME FOLDER (not the entire download from TF)

  • in the WP-admin go to “appearances > themes” and activate it

Although for their themes this tutorial https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/how-to-install-your-theme/ from a very experienced and respected author here is clear and simple and applys to all theme installations

Hi, This sounds simple, easy and above all it works, I just uplaod uncode theme now to my wordpress theme via Cpanel > File manager> public_html> wp-contents>theme

Thank you very much