Can't upload Uncode Theme on Wordpress or FTP (Connection reset)

I just purchased the Uncode theme for a client’s WordPress site. When I try the installation, I get "“An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems,
please try the support forums.”

I tried the WordPress forums, and they sent me to you guys.

I also tried to upload it via FTP (Filezilla) to no avail. I get “Stylesheet is missing.”

Am I missing something?

I also tried creating a php.ini vile to increase the max upload size, which didn’t work.

I’ve never had any upload problems until this point.

Am I not supposed to upload the entire folder? I extracted the large zip file and found two additional zip folders (uncode, and uncode-child).

Thank you.

The two additional zip files you are talking about is the right folders to upload, you don’t need to upload the child folder if you are not going to use a childtheme.

I was able to upload and extract the two folders. I went ahead and uploaded the child theme.

However I’m getting the “Stylesheet is missing” error now. But at least I’ve made progress!

  1. this is an owned domain and hosting and not a site?

  2. In your downloads page choose “Installable WordPress Files Only” and use that Zip

I figured it out! The two folders were what was needed.