I cannot find this song anywhere. Music for "Dramatic Historical Opener" by EnesM

I cannot find this song anywhere. It must be on Evanto but I can’t find it. Dramatic Historical Opener by EnesM on Envato Elements

I have contacted the author and made comments to no avail


For you audio you have to contact with this video item author @EnesM right here as a comments

hope they will helped!


Hi Donald, the track from the Video Hive preview doesn’t have the Audio Jungle watermark, which suggests to me that the video author also made the music track, yet he doesn’t currently have any audio items available on the marketplace. If @EnesM doesn’t respond to your messages, you’re out of luck unfortunately. But if you search for ’dramatic trailer orchestral’ music in the AJ search, you will find many very similar sounding tracks.
Hope that helps.

The watermark is there. This is an AJ track that once again is not properly credited by a video template author. But apparently we somehow are fine with that lack of respect.

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Ahh yes, you’re right! I’m so used to hearing it that it seems my brain filters it out these days! :smile:

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@BenLeong is there any way that Envato can contact @EnesM and get them to update their video description to include the music track link?

It could be that the tune is no longer available on AJ, so the link has been removed…

I’m not sure if the item has already been updated since this thread was posted, but both the Elements and VideoHive item pages list Epic History Trailer by EfeDemirMusic | AudioJungle as the audio track for this template.


It has indeed been updated.

If only there was a way not to deal with these cases on a one by one basis… It took OP over four months to get an answer, far from ideal.

Thanks all for your help!