I bought the theme by mistake

Hi. I bought the theme by mistake. Is there an exchange option for a theme that I would like to buy?

Can I get a refund

Technically it’s not allowed but you could ask support

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I applied. A refund is not possible. Rules. There is silence on the exchange request. It’s not written in the rules. But the law is the law, and if the exchange does not take place within the time specified in the rules, this is a violation.

Hi @alexbandosa,

exchange is not possible because items on Envato market published by different Authors.

If both themes (your purchased one and the one you want to purchase) from the same Author then you can contact the theme author and request them to give refund for the first theme. In this case author may ask you to purchase the 2nd theme first then they can give refund. But it totally depends on the Author own decision.


Yes, I am currently discussing this issue with the author of the purchased product. We have not yet come to a solution to the issue.
Thanks for the answers