I assume the audiojungle curators who approve songs are backloaded


Almost 10 days and my first song submitted has not been approved. Is this a soft rejection?


Wait time is around 23 days since a few weeks. :wink: Here’s a thread to stay updated about this:



Thank you for the thread, I obviously missed that one. 23 days (!!!)


Haha, yeah, patience seems to be a requirement around here :slight_smile:


Something tells me my first song will be rejected, then I’ll wait ANOTHER 23 days. I guess I should upload as much as I have all at once.


To minimise the risk of too many rejections, simply take some time to listen to a few music categories (to get a feel of what seems to work well in this marketplace). Because, if your music wasn’t composed with «Stock Music» in mind from the start, you might face rejections more often.


Well I’m not sure if you can help me with this, but this is the song I submitted:

Does this sound like it’s something they’d throw out? If so, I’ll withdraw the song and try something else. They accepted this at pond5.com, but I’m cancelling my account with them so I can be exclusive here.


My guess is that this will be rejected, not because it is bad music, but tracks with very busy composition/arrangements seems harder to get accepted around here.

Plus (maybe not what you want to hear) but to me, the samples all sound too rigid and «midi-esque».

Also, a thing to keep in mind is that one of the main uses of «stock music» is to act as a form of background for video editors (often used for business presentations, ads, trailers, etc). So, virtuosic stuff has a place, but I think you might find it harder to get accepted here.

Just my opinion though and good luck for the future. :slight_smile:


I do thank you for your honesty. I guess it would help if they had a guide for how they want things to sound, how long it should be, and all other criteria expected to be fulfilled.


Maybe some sort of guide would help, but I think you’ll get many answers just by listening around a few categories here.