I am looking for a WordPress template and theme to create a Training Website

I want to develop an app and website with WORDPRESS for a personal training gym. It must also have space for a professional dedicated to nutrition and diet preparation.
Is there a template and theme to achieve the following or something similar?

– I would like the site to be on mobile devices and on the web.

You should have an admin panel for the owner.
– I need a site that can adapt to the Spanish language.

I need to create a website with membership for the monthly payment of users with various types of membership (For example: Free Rate, Normal Rate: €30, Silver Rate: €50, Gold Rate: €80)

I need you to have a system to calculate:

Is there a WORDPRESS template and theme to achieve the following or something similar?

Thanks, there are a lot of details but I hope someone has solved something similar.

You won’t find all that out of the box - if you have a sensible budget then it’s not beyond what a freelancer could compile


Thanks, I imagine it won’t all be together.
But I’m looking for something to start and then we could customize the website little by little.
Do you know anyone who has a WordPress, even a similar one?
Thank you

I could have suggested few for you but with your words “I was in search of prey”. I’m not sure if it’s worth to try to help you now.