Need a fitness trainer template with MySQL

I have looked through many of the templates on here, and while some look great, I’m unsure if they have a database included. I’m not great with coding, so am looking for something already setup. I have tried a few already available, but no success in getting them to work. My server is setup to use PHP 8.1.5, on a Ubuntu 20.04 system with VirtualMin 7.0-4 Pro as my hosting control panel. I have installed Laravel, but it’s not playing nice, so I’d like to stay away from that. Also, it’s NOT a WordPress site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My client can only go up to around $40 for the template, so hopefully someone can do this under that amount. Thanks.

What do they need the database for?

Why not WP?

You are likely going to struggle in stock marketplaces to find this due to the tendency to be standard html templates or Wordpress themes (with a limited number of other cms themes also).

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They need the database for people to login, there’s going to be a free section and a paid section. Different workouts that are paid programs.
I don’t use WP on any of my sites I host.

Unfortunately it’s not a particularly common thing to have as an off the shelf option esp as WP would be so much easier to do this. There are some like Lovefit - Fitness Video Training by Ansonika | ThemeForest but the security etc. behind doing this with such simple code is very basic, and if it is client work you would need to invest time in checking and securing this element properly.

FYI If you do find one then you will need an extended license for any envato item you use due to the subscription model.

One option you could try is look for membership scripts in CodeCanyon and then combine that with a more generic fitness template.

It would require a little coding but nothing complicated at all, and you could probably hire the author or a freelancer from to integrate it for not that much.

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That sounds like my best option then. My thanks for helping steer me in the right direction.

Combining purpose built scripts with a more generic template will definitely give you the biggest choice and the more secure and advanced solution to the more complex and technical elements

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