I am looking for a Sales Playbook


I find a lot of beautiful proposals. The typography and layouts are awesome. I tried changing the headings to use the layouts for a Sales Playbook and its extremely difficult moving all the image placeholders text etc to accomodate the new content.

I wonder if anyonce could create a Sales Playbook (authors can use their published layout and typography) with the following chapters

  1. Overview of the Company
    Organisation Structure
    Sales Hierarchy - Leadership & teams, Targets, Territory, Career path for sales people

  2. Products
    Price Points
    Use Cases
    Buyer or end user personas
    Industry or Verticals

  3. Sales Process
    Stages and Activities
    Who is involved in each stage
    What are the deliverables

  4. Buyer Personas
    Job titles
    Qualifications Criteria

When to pursue and when to let go
Sample Messages
Positioning statements
Calling and Voice Mail scripts
Common objections and how to handle them
Meeting agenda
Presentation decks
Examples of great calls

  1. CRM
    Meaning of each stage
    When to move opportuntiy from one stage to next
    Optional and Manadtory fields
    How to create and analyse reports
    How to look at the dashboard
    How to use task activities and so on
    What should the sales staff be doing on a daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly basis

  2. Selling Methodology

  3. Compensation Plan
    Type of Plan
    Targets and compensation (50%, 75%, 90%, 100%)

  4. Key performance Indicators

  5. Resources

  6. Social and Media Plan


I’m interested in your project. You can see my Portfolio here. https://graphicriver.net/user/designsomething/portfolio

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for responding. Should I create a project?

Assuming that you have a realistic budget then you should try www.studio.envato.com who are vetted freelancers and where you have some degree of official protection from envato

When I mentioned “Should I post a Project?” I meant on studio.envato.com. I am unable to gauge interest of the sellers for something new so I took this route.

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