Hybrid Orchestral

Hi everybody!

I would be pleased to hear your comment on this track.

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Is it allowed to upload the thread?

I would really love to hear some feedback. :sunglasses:


The more I like is the beggining and the end.
In the middle needs more hybrid,more power…in my opinion but I like it!

Hy there!

Although this is not my genre, I would say that your composition has some great ideas; the problem with your track is that is too dry and lacks as @Katcamusic said, power, dynamics. The dubstep beat and the strings don’t seem to work together in this instance, mixing wise.
Good luck!

Hi, thank you for your replies!

I am glad you like some ideas and i see what you say concerning the mix and the dubstep parts…your feedback is very useful. :slight_smile:

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I wish to share a few details with you, i look forward to gaining better understainding of this mix and your feedback might be very helpful.

I was quite happy of the orchestra in this track (please be clear that most of my music is orchestral with no hybrid sounds in it), the impulse-responses sounded believable to me. Then i went on the other sounds…for the synthesizers and drumkit i used some Cubase 8.0 built in VSTis. I tried to use a little amount of the same convolution reverbs on those instruments in order to blend them with the orchestra. Should i use instead, in your opinion, an Algo-verb on the non-orchestral sounds?

Initially, the orchestral dynamics sounded right to me, now i see what you say on the overall dynamics. Might this be a matter of bad mastering?

Cheers :wink:


Yeah the beginning is awesome, I though we are there for a nice treat, but than the mid part comes in and our only thoughts were, damn, those reviewers aint gonna let it slide :wink:

Thanks for saying that the first part is awesome, i appreciate it.

Would you please expand on the reason why the 2nd part wouldn’t go trough the reviewing process? Soundset? Arrangement? Thanks for taking the time to help.


For start I would remove that cartoon spring sound on 0:17 :wink: its totally from a different cartoon than the track :slight_smile: You need energy there, dont be scared to beef it up with bunch of more sounds that compliment each other :slight_smile: peace

I see what you say, pal. Thanks for your feedback. :wink:


Nice to meet you Francesco, my name is Pawel :slight_smile: I just want to say keep grinding, keep working on new stuff, Its great that you want to know whats wrong with your current stuff, we all want to hear that constructive criticism, but what makes the difference really is hard, hard work and tons of reading, learning, watching and listening to others that are the best in the business. Try to put all your time into it, forget about family and working elsewhere for rent and only doing like 1, 2 hours of music per day. You got 16 hours every day, including weekends thats 112h each week! Use them! Dont watch no football on saturday, just learn the craft and work it, only then you will see success… fast! Well you gonna see it 8 times faster than someone who only puts in 2h per day, which also means, what they achieve in a year, you do in 45 days! :slight_smile:

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Nice meeting you Pawel.

Thanks for your comment, i appreciate your enthusiasm. Nevertheless, i would prefer to stay on topic, please.

All the very best


oh you wanna stay on topic? Your music sounds great man, dont need to change a thing :slight_smile:

Good day to you! :slight_smile: