HTML Upload Preperation

I want to upload HTML template and what should I do to not be rejected because I know Envato rejects many uploads( experienced on AJ)
Clean code, modern design, I have to have live site for preview, etc. what else should I do?


Nothing more than following the instructions, and seems you’re pretty aware of that. The only thing remaining is to cross fingers.

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Don’t forget the documentation

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Can you suggest some cheap hostings for previews?

cheap = downtime = bad customer experience = less sales and more headches.

Even one of the mass market people like Blue, Hostgator etc. is a better option than the budget ones plus this is Black Friday/Cyber Monday time so some great offers - even he likes of Sitground etc. who are really good are not hugely expensive at the moment

well, if it is just html site then just upload to github pages or netlify/vercel etc.

if you really can’t pay…i can offer you great performance hosting until you will be able to afford.