HTML Text Editor

Hi Guys!

I’m really new here in AJ and I’ve read the Tut about how to upload content using HTML editor in your profile.
I can’t find an access nowhere in the profile to the HTML text editor!

Can someone give me a hand in this?


Can you not Just write/paste HTML into your profile or item description as you would text.

It’s not a dedicated HTML editor tool.

Thanks for the reply charlie4282, how do you go about writing an HTML code alternatively?

It depends what you want to include but there are tons of tutorials for HTML code for images and copy if you use Google and you can write it directly in the description on your profile or in notepad and copy it across.

That’s no problem, I just need to access the area in the profile where I can put the HTML code, and I can’t find that under Settings :frowning:

Hi @CreamBi.

You need to go to your account, select tab Settings and go to profile on your left side.
Then scroll to the bottom of the page, and there you’ll have the textarea (Profile Text) where you can paste your html text. Hope it helped you.

Best regards.

No such area was found :no_mouth:

Hmmm…strange…is it because you are on mobile device?
Have you tried on computer?

Same thing exactly happens when using a computer. What can I do?

It should be supposed to work like this. Sorry, but i’m only registered on CodeCanyon, and here it is working fine. Maybe some moderator can help you further more with this issue.

Thanks, EZCode, how can I contact a Moderator?

You can click on top of any moderator. For example you can contact @charlie4282, that already have replied you above, and send him a PM. He might help you.

I’d suggest clearing your cache and trying again on a computer other wise you will need to chat to support

Thanks so much! I could not even find the way to turn to the Envato team :slight_smile:
It happens through multiple computers unfortunately. Guess it’s an issue in the account itself.