Html Page Formatting

A newbie here hi all my name is Umit!.
I’m sorry for not having English native language. Unfortunately AJ support official was not interested in me I think he has other important things to do. But my problem is simple.

How can i edit my profile page with html codes ( where to write this code)?


I think you should at least 1 approved Item in your profile to edit the profile page with html editor. Mean when you will get approved at least 1 Item then html editor will active for you in your profile settings.


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i have 3 approved item in my page

when you went to edit profile did you got Profile Text field there to place text/html?

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Yes i saw thank you so much !

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Hi! Edit\ Update Description & Price\ Enter New Details.
So you can edit any of your item! (in addition to the profile page) (for each of your item there will be a separate page for editing).
Good luck!

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