Can't access to the profile html editor

I’ve created a new non-exclusive account for my music (sonicbyte_nonex), I set it up without problems, and upload a new track, all good…But I can’t access my profile html editor, basically I just be able to upload my avatar…

Any idea what is the problem ?
I already contact support but I have no response yet.


Can you not Just write/paste HTML into your profile description as you would text. It’s not a full features HTML editor tool.

I know, I’m already an experienced author here, for years. I can access in my exclusive account without problems… But I can’t access to it in my new non-exclusive account, there is no option to edit:

sorry to know that you are facing problem with your non-exclusive account profile settings html editor. as you already contacted support please wait for their reply. Thanks

You cannot change your profile banner or description until you upload your first item.


Oh man, thanks for that tip, I just don’t remember it was like that with my other account…
I will wait until the first song gets approved then…

Thanks !!