Hello people i need Help

Hello. I’m the new author in audiojungle. My account MusicalAdventure. I have problem. Help me please. Entering the profile parameters, in order to load the home page and design it, put the profile text. I go and there are no empty fields for entering text, tags. I do not know what to do in this situation.

Hi MusicalAdventure, you can drag and drop a picture into this message box for us to see, it looks like it didn’t work. I’m sorry if this is stating the obvious, but to edit your profile you need to go to your account “Settings”, and then click on “Profile”. Then there is a box named “Profile text” where you can add a description.

I did so but the problem remained.

Welcome to Audiojungle!!! Sorry you’re having trouble.

Hmm that’s strange. Sorry obvious question but have you tried using a different browser?

I tried to open through other browsers, and tried to open from another computer and also tried to open a new account from another computer. Problem still exists. In the new account, can also enter only avatar.

Thanks for trying to help.

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Thanks for the update.

Hmm that is really so weird. Have you definitely registered as an author? Just because it looks like you don’t have the additional settings down the side that I have…(click to see full image)

Thanks for trying to help.

I just saw your post before it was withdrawn.

Have you filled out your PRO option? (whether or not you’re affiliated with a PRO)? - if not, perhaps that could be why you haven’t been given the additional options yet…

Account ArtMusicSounds registered as Social profile

Account MusicalAdventure registered as an author

Perhaps.It is necessary to understand this question.

Thank you very much!

Perhaps. It is necessary to understand this question.

Thank you!

I would guess that you would know if you have previously signed up to a P.R.O (performing rights organization). For example in the UK we have ‘PRS’ and I have an account with them…

So if you don’t think that you have done, just choose ‘no’. If you decide to sign with a P.R.O at a later date you can always change this.

Hi Musical Adventure did you solve the problem? I’m having the exact same issue. :frowning:
I have filled out the PRO section as well. Is this a glitch??

Hi @MusicalAdventure !!!
Yes , you need to upload at least one file , and then will be able to edit .
On this topic you need to create a separate post since so many are asking this question .

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Thank you for the answer I suspected that this could be. At the moment my tracks are under queued for review.

Ahh I was wondering if it could be that too.

Thanks @WildLion_Production :+1: