HTML Template Hard Rejection

Hi Guyz,
After several months of hard work, I submitted my template. First it was soft rejected and I was asked to set my price. I was pretty excited as I thought I am almost done. Then, after I selected price and resubmitted, I got a notice of Hard rejection :’( Can you guyz let me know what are the flaws of this template?

Please note,

  • I have properly commented the html file and css file
  • Added Placeholder images on the template main pack
  • Prepared a PDF doc
  • Added thumbnail, screenshots and proper description
  • Validated MY HTML and CSS.


Its not ready mate, I found it basic overall. fonts looks bad. check footer section specially. All I can say is its not ready for this market

Hi Buddy,
Can u let me know the specific areas of improvement?

The whole design needs improvement mate