HTML Template - Hard reject question


Like suggested I sent the first template based on Framework Y, but I just received hard reject. Please help me to understand this. I dont know what to do now, realy.

The template is this:

Realy, in true, is not possible it has been hard rejected if compared to the others similar items already on ThemeForest:

[REMOVED: Calling out other items]

Realy not possible, the design is good (sure i’m the author and I belive in my projects, but i’m not totally stupid and I understand if a item is good or not), in addition, other importants features, like documentation and number of features, are more big of other templates of this category, so please explain me.
I have in queue others 4 others items based on the Framework and in this way will be all reject, not seem depend by quality or design, I realy do know what to do.

I understand a soft reject but a hard reject not possible for a construction template like this one. It is not a poor and ugly template, it use modern and advanced features, as well as being very big.

Please check some page:

Same can be honest and tell me if truly it deserves a hard reject?

Thank you very much,
Federico Schiocchet


I am on mobile, it is definetly not bad. But also not jawdropping good, will check later on desktop.

But the request quote button is off screen.

And the typography in the payoff section is hardly readible.

Hope this helps


Thank you for fast replay and infos, I will fix and check all mobile.

What’s your connection to 'Framework-Y"? Is that your own framework that you created?

Hi, yes it is my own, was here, but I concorded with Envato to publish it in another way, so I deleted it.

It’s not bad and does seem a bit harsh to be hard rejected.

There are some bits and pieces like nav alignment, certain typographic features and so on that could do with polishing but the core of it does seem to be there.

It’s a big site to go through page by page but will have a better look tomorrow.

Thank you for check it, i realy appreciate your informations, I not understand nav alignement problem but i will check better typography thank you. I agree with you, this why I not understand the reject, sure there is better templates of this one, better design and so, but on category construction, my template is best of commons construction templates currently available.

The framework is good I just think that one of the dangers of having so many features and elements is it becomes increasingly hard to make sure that everything is as premium feeling as it needs to be.

For reference the nav - it would be be terr right aligned. Right now it is not really anywhere as it’s off center (appreciate that is down to the number of items etc. but if you push it over then it will fit no matter how many you have)

Yes this is sure, more big more difficoult, for this reason I spent my last 10 months to do only this framework and related templates. I’m in difficoult to understand all your english texts, I hope I understood the nav problem, I updated the home:

If this is not the problem I will check better.
Thank you for the good support.