HTML Template got Rejected, need some feedback for next entry

One of my HTML Template named “D-art” got rejected( Hard Reject ). Can any one give me feedback that what was wrong? So that I can correct my mistakes next time.

Here is demo link:

  • the biggest issue is that this is such an overkilled category that without something very very unique and top line quality then you stand little chance of competing even if approved

  • with respect we’ve seen this style and desires thousands of times already in the marketplace

  • the design itself has a few flaws esp in the typography, spacing and brash colours

  • you have got to find more elements, features, creative ways to add value and distinguish the design.

I’d suggest looking at the other files for sale in the market to get an idea of quality and detail required

Thanks for the reply charlie4282…

I have already created another design. Can I share the demo link so that you can suggest me if any improvement is needed…???


By the way ,what do you exactly mean by typography flaw??

Is there’s a problem in font-size, line-height or letter spacing??? I am using ‘px’ for font size instead of ‘em’, is that’s an issue???

Also i have noticed that I am using same font size for desktop and small devices.

Please, Let me know it will help me design better template…

Thank You

With respect you are wasting your time with that first link as there’s just too much to fix and extend.

If you have another then share it here.

I am on phone only for the next couple of hours but happy to take a look later

Well I am not willing to fix the rejected template.

I was asking in general so that I don’t repeat the same mistake in my next template :slight_smile:

PX/em is up to you really as long as i works.

  • The profile image is stretched which immediately doesn’t look great

  • Heavy weight Roboto Slab feels a little childish and unprofessional. (Google font pairings and you will find some great combinations)

  • Using the same font weights for all H1 - H4 etc. limits he styling and creates readability issues

  • Why choose me and skills feels a bit “samey” and could do with distinguishing

  • Personally I don;t get any file which has “links” to portfolio items and just goes to top and no project pages but that’s just my view

This one’s way better

  • portfolio images look stretched again

  • counters are a little small which makes them feel a bit insignificant

  • I still think you will have the lack of uniqueness challenge. there are so so so many items already for sale which offer more or less exactly these features and styling if not, with respect, to a higher level. There’s no harm in trying and it’s better than the first one, but I really think you will need to find something more stand out ish

  • still not a fan of that Roboto font choice or the 700 weights. It just feels a bit outdated and “templatey” rather than sleek or premium

Above all else I’d spend a little time looking at alternative font choices, weights, hierarchy and styling as I reckon improving the typography will radically improve the file

Thank You for your suggestions, it helped me alot…

I will try to surpass the uniqueness challenge by adding some more features to it.

Though I wanna mention one thing that the profile picture doesn’t look streched in my computer…

I am using a windows pc, resolution 1366 X 768…

Can you mention yours so that I can fix it…!

Thank You for your help really appreciate it :slight_smile:.

Profile image is fine in the second site (portfolio items need reviewing) but appears stretched on the first one from your original post on iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro

Ok, Thank You !