HTML coding in WordPress theme

I am looking for an experienced programmer in WordPress that can help me code some special functions in a website I am building in WordPress. I have not yet chosen the theme but have worked a lot with Avada, so I may choose that theme again. The job is to add a bow on a ribbon placed inside the main area of the website, the bow is placed outside of the main area, attached to the end of the ribbon making up
one whole ribbon. The design/theme is responsive so the bow must follow the responsiveness of the theme. I also need help with adding diagonal stripes leading to four content boxes from an image placed in full width above the boxes. There will be other small adjustments to the theme as well. The website I am building should look as identical as possible to an existing website that the company I am doing this job for already has launched. This new website will be in another language. More languages will be added later on. I am also open for suggestions from your own experience of a good theme to work with to make the design as identical to the existing website as possible.
I hope someone out there is eager to take up this challenge. You need to have a lot of experience with programming / adjusting WordPress themes, preferably Avada. If you reply on this Topic I will get back to you with more details. I then need a price quote.

Might find better luck checking out the Envato Studio:

Contact me on skype “wow_themes” :slight_smile:

Thank you for your respons. I am afraid I already found someone else to help me with this job. I will remove it from here now.
Good luck,

Thanks for your tip. I will keep it for later since I have found a solution already.

Thanks everyone for your replies and tips. I have found a solution now.