Web Developer needed for theme forest code change

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a paid web developer to help me make a couple of code changes in a Theme forest Wordpress theme (‘Tour Package’). I’ve been making smaller changes myself in the PHP and HTML but as a PHP novice I just can’t quite get this change to work.

I’m looking to add an existing page builder from the theme to another type of page within the theme and also make some amendments to a package layout in the theme (basically the layout of a populated grid of defined events).
For anyone that knows the Package it should be a rather easy change, otherwise it should still only be roughly a couple of hours work for someone that has a better idea of PHP and HTML :slight_smile:
I know the majority of the code change areas but my PHP skills just aren’t good enough to completely understand how this bit works.

Anyone able to help?


Can you send me more details on private message with link of your site?


Hi @adamstani

We provide WP development services at Envato Studio and we can help you with making PHP and HTML changes to your theme.

You can contact us at https://studio.envato.com/users/BloomPixel

Simrandeep Singh

In case of interest, please, feel free to contact: