New to wordpress and need some assistance.

So, we bought the colora theme. Its the one my wife fell in love with for My problem is that I can figure out how to make it look like this. I mean she wants it EXACTLY like it is in the link below.

Please let me know what part of this equation Im missing.


Excellent! Can’t wait to see what the site look like when you’re done :smiley:

If you require the expert touch, there are plenty of WordPress customization designers on Envato Studio who I’m sure would be up for the job :smiley:

yeah, not trying to pay anyone, just need some direction. This IS what this forum is for, correct?

This is a general forum and for theme specific questions you should:

  1. read the documentation which probably explains the process


  1. contact the author

You will probably find that the images you see in the demo are not included as the author is unlikely to have the rights to redistribute these.