Seeking Freelance Coding (Wordpress/ HTML)

I run a branding agency that produces mostly packaging design. I often have the opportunity to design websites for client’s marketing needs. I’m just throwing out requests if there if anyone is available to freelance the web dev / coding duties?

I am designing websites using a variety of ThemeForest templates. All content and mock sites will be provided in PSD and flat previews. A variety of features will be implemented; some with shopping carts; some with extra security features, etc. A pretty well experienced coder is requested. Communication and availability is also important as I’d like to coordinate details for smooth translation of design -to- code.

I currently have 3 web projects in the works. If available and interested, send your info.

Interested here. Contact me through my themeforest profile.

I am interested. Contact me from my profile option too.


I’m wordpress developer, and also featured in Envato Studio, here is my clients feedback:

if you want me to work with you as a team :slight_smile: email me at[@]


Im interested. Hit me through profile mail form. Regards

Count me in, too. Send me an email if you’re interested in to work together:



Happy to help add me on skype: danypauldesigner
Top Rated Graphic Designer and Developer
my site

Already done that kind of work for many people