HTML code in HTML Description field at item upload

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how can I put html code into the item description field on envato (codecanyon)? It says they accept HTML as well. Do I have to just simply put anchor tags, paragraph tags img sources etc?

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Sure, you can keep Description HTML or plain text here

Thank you so much! And Should it be a proper valid html or is it without header and body tag also accepted (just having p , img tags etc.)?

yes is it without header and body tag also accepted.

Hi @Websoluutions

Is it simple as we write in our html coding Just don’t use body, head tag. Just like we put our code within the <body> tag.


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Thank you so much for the instruction! Have a nice day!


one more question raised in my mind…
Should I store my preview images on my server and reference to them from the HTML what I put into the envato HTML description field at upload? Where to store images? Or firstly should I upload them to envato and after link them somehow?


Hi @Websoluutions

Just gather all preview screenshots in jpg/png and make a .zip and upload when you will submit your Item.

and about Preview Image make a 590x300 JPEG image and upload.

That’s all.


Thank you @mgscoder.
But how do I know where will be my images stored in order to link them in my HTML (which will be put into HTML description section…) I have preview images which drive to external links, videos, website etc.

Guess the best solution is to store them on my server and put like you suggested:



If you want to use any image in the Item description section then you have upload those images into your own hosting and just use img tag to show.


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That is the right answer for my question! Thanks a lot!

Hi @Websoluutions You are always welcome Thanks

Hi there,
I will sell a pattern but I don’t know what I should write in the HTML description?

Please could you help me step by step because I’m a graphic designer and my skills in HTML are limited?

Hi @kholoud1991 if yu don’t know html well then you can follow my first reply screenshot and can use p tag for paragraph, h2 tag for heading, ul tag for list. also you can check related items in graphicriver to know how they present their item descriptions. Thanks

please I don’t know what I need to write in a paragraph or in heading or list could you share a sample of HTML code especially for pattern design?
Many thanks

please check my first reply screenshot image.

Is this html description ture?

good, just one thing missing.
you will need to close ul tag at the end of all li tag. so add
at the current cursor position in your screenshot.

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If you do not know HTML, you can use Just type whatever you want in word format, it will automatically generate html code for you.