The HTML-description in the plugin upload form

Hi im a little bit confused. Years before i uploaded a plugin and was able to add a description after the the plugin was accepted.
But now i see in the upload form a “HTML-description” area. Do i need now submit the description with the plugin?
In the description it says that it will be used for search. Is it an excerpt of my plugin? and where the customer can see it?



What you put in the HTML description field is what appears in item’s details page, below the Add to Favorites and Add to Collection buttons.

It’s the description of that item, you can put there plain text and/or HTML tags to better showcase your item.

It’s working like the old Description field.

The customers see it when they are on item’s detail page.

What you write in that HTML Description field is used for search, here is an article which can help you to improve your item’s SEO:

Later edit: and I forgot to mention that yes, you have to fill it when you upload your item.


Thanks for your reply.

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