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I have prepared my first item for listing in codecanyon. I do not understand how can I include image in description. I do not want use it as external images like google drive etc. I have seen that many listing have included image with upload in codecanyon. Let me know if someone can help me.

You just add it as basic HTML.

The image will have to be hosted somewhere (Envato don’t do this) but if you are submitting to CC then you have a working demo of the item right? Where is that hosted? Can you not just create a subdirectory there to house the image files?

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Not for the mobile category, no.

As @charlie4282 pointed out you will need to find a place to host the images. You can try Imgur, Dropbox, or Google Drive, for example. In fact, even GitHub will work as an image host.

Then you must use HTML to add it to your item description, the code for this is <img src="https://link-to-your/image.png">.

You can alternatively use a visual description builder like this so you don’t have to mess with code: https://bailey.sh/experiments/designer :slight_smile:


This does not works

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