“How you receive payouts” banner refuses to die

Every time I visit a codecanyon page I am presented with a "How you receive earnings changed on Feb 28th. Your payout destination has been set, please ensure it is correct. See this Help centre article for more details.
" banner:

I’ve seen it before so I click the X button on the right and the banner goes away.

But it refuses to die! Next time I visit codecanyon it comes back from the dead - just like a zombie - and I’m not referring to the cocktail.

Disabling all scripts makes no difference.

Please make it go away. I don’t want to keep reading it - once is enough!


The Envato UX team is notorious for putting up banners that can’t be closed permanently :joy:.

I too wish it would disappear. I’m sure it will vanish soon once they feel authors have had enough notice.

If you have an ad blocker plugin on your browser you can likely “block” the element to hide it in the meantime.