How we seek a motivation to go on ?

When im begin to feel im start to burn out...Im just go to a web and watch to my dream - GT 500 Shelby 196-X th…
Then im go to take a few cups of tea, go to smoke on balcony...Thinking about someday ill drive my own… and … start writing again! :slight_smile:
Im interesting which dreams and purposes we(composers) have here, your own motivations. Those things that force, boost you forward, trying to go on and dont give up.

So if you have a time to share your story and dreams you can do that. I`m just interesting :slight_smile:


That’s funny. I just watched some videos of Mustang. Love that car too!

Im just know this man :))) Im f**ckn know it! I know that someday ill make this goal.

Ooohh!!! I see here is a lot of stories :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thats awesome :slight_smile: !!! :slight_smile:

I’m inlove in Chevrolet Impala '67 :slight_smile: I’m new here and started to grow on me but this will be one loooong ride to get my dream :slight_smile:

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My dream is to become the most top author in AJ , and I want Envato has taken something that is for example linked to us Columbia Pictures or Warner Brothers or somebody else there so the buyer contact the seller directly and buy directly music directly and only once, for example for 20 000$!))) something like that!

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This will be a hard and very long way my friend. But i think this is possible and wish you good luck.
When i was a student in a institute i think shelby `69 will be a unreal dream in my life. And even now my opinion is not changed. But this is not mean that will be so forever.
And i hope that day when i drive my passion will come.

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Of course I know that it will be a hard road and will need a lot of work , but really, our time on earth flies by !

Yep. Agree

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that’s great topic, man!))

the main goal for me is to write music that pleases everyone and myself
if it is to pursue that goal, then you will be those who can easily earn more for Mustang or whatever))

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Thanks man. Im shure - im on right way :slight_smile:

The goal gives the purpose but the journey itself gives the fun! :wink:

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