How valuable is it really to make short/looped versions? And duration?

Hey guys, me again asking boring questions :slight_smile: But I know you have some market knowledge that I need too. So right now I’m making a full track version, a short version and 1-2 loops for almost every song I make. I just figure that the customers gets much more for their money - should improve my sales. But is the time I put into this really worth it, does the customers want it?

Second question is about duration. I remember hearing a while back that the standard for media is about 1:30 min, together with a 30-50 second short version. What duration is most customers really looking for?

Well, naturally, it won’t HURT sales. :smile:

But you will see very few top sellers needing alternate edits. Sometimes they add a longer version because of demand. It totally depends on what it’s used for. For example, your 80s tracks would probably be used in bigger projects and they would want to use big parts of the tracks. They can always edit down, but it’s hard to edit up in a good way.

For TV spots there have been classic time slots, although I think it’s changing. And to be honest, most commercials don’t use a perfect edit anyway. If it’s 15 seconds long they use the chorus of a 3 min track and just cut it off. Pretty abruptly. They don’t seem to care.

Well, to sum up. Will you lose a sale by not having these edits? Most likely not many at all. But it won’t hurt sales so if you feel like doing it, do it. Depends on how much time it takes of course. So only you can say if it’s worth YOUR time.

The real pain comes when you discover you have to update the track with new mastering, fix a couple of clicks or something else and you have to do it on 5 files instead of 1…

When I’m buying audio for client projects, I prefer them the longer the better. It would be nice to have an audio track that was the perfect length of the video I’m creating, but that’s very rarely the case, unless it’s a logo animation… so it’s better to have something longer that I can just fade out or cut as required.

Loops are good as well… there’s been a few times where the music isn’t long enough, so I’ve had to chop it up and make my own loop to try and extend it. Takes a while to do as I’m no audio wizard.

Thanks a lot guys, I think I need to totally change my approach to this length / multiple versions thing then. Making the looped/short versions does take some time, in the end of the week it takes me some 5-7 hours to make these versions of all the tracks I’ve made throughout the week, this time could be spent on making another track instead. Also, I’ve almost been shortening my tracks to ~1:30 min average to “fit media” better.

If you’re sure about this, I’m going to change my routine now and go for 2:30min+ tracks instead, and stop making so many versions to save time for a extra track instead.

On a purely personal level I want your tracks to be longer. I listened through some of my favorites (mostly the Miami / Driving tracks) and felt they were too short when I was just getting into them. :yum:

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Just checked his stuff out and I’ve got to say I feel the same way.

Thanks for having favorites among my tracks haha, ok guys thanks for your replies. Just finished this weeks upload, from now on I’m going for longer tracks and not wasting my times on so many versions.