Do additional track lengths matter?

Dear buyers, do additional versions of a music track make your life any easier? What are your preferred additional lengths? I see a lot of aouthors making additional 1:20 and 0:40 versions, does this really help or do you prefer 1:00 and 0:30?


More options are always better. I almost invariably use one of the shorter versions rather than the full-length song, and having several to choose from makes my life a LOT easier.


Hey @Adahop, that’s interesting! For the short versions does it matter whether they’re 1:00 or 0:40 long?

I understand that when someone is buying music for tv ad it really helps if it’s exactly 0:30 or 0:15. But majority of AJ buyers buy for internet use as far as I know. So I guess the exact length doesn’t really matter, the music just needs to be structured in a way that works, am I right?

And another question - do you ever combine the tracks? For example would you check if the long version has a different ending than the short one so you could choose an ending that works best for you?

Thank you @PhotonicMusic for creating this thread
And big Thank you @Adahop for response.
Any recall information from clients is very useful for us,authors.

Perhaps there are advantages in it! :blush: