Creating at least 3 versions (full/medium/short): is it worth it?


I am new here on Audiojungle, and spend too much time preparing the files for upload once my main track is finished… I try to improve my workflow, but am still a bit slow.

I have decided to always provide several versions such as full / medium (around 1:00) and short (0:30), but I was wondering if the experienced sellers here find it really makes a difference?

For a beginner like me, this is way much more work, but I am saying to myself that as a buyer, I would be happy to have the choice of length.

I would be happy to have your ideas on this :slight_smile:
Thanks very much!

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I am not sure really if it makes that much difference but I just do it anyway because I think it might help people.

But what part of it takes you so long if you don’t mind me asking? I just keep all of the versions in the same file . So i make the main version, then cut and paste a short version at the end then the logo version after that etc. Then I print one long stem for each track, cut them and mix them.

I think that makes sense and i hope that helps.

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Do you think that the version of the logo should also be done? I thought that the “logo/idents” goes in a separate from the “music” category.

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I have added a logo with the main file. But i have also separated the logo if i feel it’s worth it.

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OK . Thank you! I’ll take it to a note :slight_smile:

Well, I spend some time creating the “medium” and “short” versions, because I have to render them, convert them, tag them, zip them… and my current workflow was not well tailored to create several versions of the same song - but I have just changed my workflow and now use my DAW (Reaper) in a more efficient way :slight_smile:



It’s true that it could take some extra time preparing those additional versions, specially when you just finished your track and you simply can’t wait to upload it ASAP. But if you ask me, IT IS WORTH to make that little effort and create a few cuts. Depending on the expected usage of the track, I normally prepare 2 or 3 edits and sometimes a loopable version (mainly when it could work in a video game project).

As a fact I heard firsthand of clients that chose a track over the others for including, among other reasons, of course, that 1:00 and 0:30 cuts you mention.

So to sum up: yes, I would say it’s a good call to prepare a couple of extra cuts indeed.


Thanks! So I’ll keep my current workflow then :slight_smile: