How to update Belief Theme to most recent version?


We have been experiencing a few problems with our current website. For a while the front load time was super slow. We found and applied a temporary fix, and now the styles on the menu on the subpages are not loading.

We had a developer create the site, so we don’t have the license for the theme. What shall we do in order to update?


This is a public forum and we’re normal users just like you. Generally, you’d want to contact the author of the theme from their profile page (I am assuming you’re referring to this theme).

Currently the only way to download new updates (unless theme has automatic update system) is by purchasing the item here. However, since you don’t have a license, you only have two options:

  1. Contact the developer to have them update the site or download the latest version for you.
  2. Purchase the theme here to be able to download updates on your own.


Thanks Bailey. Will try both.