X Updates

I have X theme and just received an email about an update - on the X theme pages it says we’re at version 4.6 but in my folder, I only have V4. Any idea where I find the latest update to download? Cheers

try contacting the theme author, their might be a typo issue on that… thanks

Or if you go to your downloads page (click on your username in the top right, and then downloads), the version in there will be the latest one available.

Thank you, this is where I found it. Could you also help me regarding support. I’ve asked this question elsewhere but had no response. I have a licence which I bought last November. I note that support ends in a few weeks - does this mean I’ll no longer have access to new versions? Also, if I buy support is it only possible to buy it on a 6 monthly basis AND if I buy support does that cover me for all the X licences I have (I’m considering buying another one). Cheers F

Support is independent of access to new versions (you’ll still get access with or without a support pack). You can renew each time your support nears expiration. Each support pack is specific to that license, not for all licenses.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

So the support pack is really just then for if we’ve had specific problems
with our site?