How to update a theme?

Hi All,

If an author updates a theme, what’s the best way to update the theme to it’s latest version?

Sorry for asking such a silly question, I’m new to Wordpress.

Mostly, just replace the old files with the new ones!

Hi Wizy, thanks for your quick response. How exactly does one do this? Again, apologies for such a silly question.

Basically, what would be the step-by-step process to do something like this.

If the author provides a .zip file for the theme (NB: not the .zip file you download from themeforest), extract that file and replace the theme’s files on your server with the ones you extracted.

Best thing is to contact the theme’s author, he knows his files and he will be able to help you more than anyone else :wink:


Most themes you can just upload the new folder to your wp-content folder. Then just activate that new version on the Themes page.

Hi everyone, I am having trouble updating my theme. Here is what I have done- where have I gone wrong?

  1. Downloaded the latest version of my theme
  2. Opened the zip file on my computer
  3. Uploaded the zip file on the “upload theme” page
  4. The upload failed because “the destination folder already exists”

Any tips help! Thanks, Natalie

rename old theme folder through ftp and then re-install new theme.

tried and tested.

I just bought the backstreet theme, I would like to know the update will be free theme?
do not pay for each update?
thank you

All the updates from here are fre

ouf !!! Thank You
I asked myself as I see the “Purchase” button

noaneo said

ouf !!! Thank You
I asked myself as I see the “Purchase” button

You simply need to re-download the item via your Downloads page, and that will be the most recent and up to date version of the files. As FinalDestiny mentioned, no added costs involved. :slight_smile:

yes I understand, but seeing “Purchase” button can be confusing.

Thank you

For installing WordPress Theme Updates, there’s also a plugin by Envato available, which makes the updating much easier. Worked for me!


Download the plugin “envato-wordpress-toolkit” from GitHub (Download ZIP, at right-side) and follow the steps in the readme.txt file, under:


Source: Haktoria

Sorry i have installed the whole wordpress envato kit and shows me an option to update all the other themes except air slice. I dont know how to rename via FTP since i have only done this by uploading zip files into wordpress. Please send me exact information on how to update it.
Thank you

How do you access the theme ftp file and change it?

CuttlefishMarketing said

How do you access the theme ftp file and change it?

The theme doesn’t have FTP - your server does. You would use an FTP client and enter your web server credentials, this will then log you in to your server and you can see all your files etc. If you have never done this before, I recommend hiring a professional.

Maybe a silly question to this topic but if I update my theme will all my settings be lost like font colours and the general set up ?

No - those are saved to the database, not the filesystem, so they shouldn’t be reset. Always a good idea to make a site backup before updating however.