Looking to update theme with zip file download

Received an email about a month ago saying my download is ready for an update theme file and the only instruction I have are on how to download it. I am wondering if I go into upload theme and drop the zip file in there will it overwrite any current pages? I have not edited the theme files directly so I would imagine not, but before I go and upload to overwrite files I prefer to ask here how I am suppose to approach this because I have seen some posts about download envato toolkit and updating through there and some other stuff. Would like some definite instructions on how to accomplish this update even if it is just as simple as uploading to theme page.


You can download your update file from here.

Hope helped!

We’re big believers in being safe not sorry. So there are a few steps we take whenever we update a theme, plugin or WordPress core on any of our sites.

Backup your site - just to be safe. Many hosting companies offer backups, but we really like VaultPress (it’s made and supported by Automattic, the team behind WordPress, and we’ve never had an issue with it).

Read the changelog - we suggest reading this so you know what to expect with the update. Most developers keep a detailed changelog to outline any bug fixes, feature additions, etc.

Update a test site (if possible) - this is kind of extra, but we like to update a staging or a local test site to be extra safe. Even though we take a full backup, updating a test site lets us see if anything is off.

Update your live site - once you’re comfortable, update your live site. Since you’re using a theme, I’m going to assume it’s from Themeforest so you can use the Envato Market plugin to make updates easier (note - I don’t know if this method works for Envato Elements). This way you don’t have to download any zip files - you can just update all of your theme and plugin purchases from your WordPress dashboard.

Clear your cache - After updating we also clear our host and CDN caches.

Oh quick edit - I forgot to add that updating your themes should not override any of your pages/posts, just the theme files (same goes for plugins).

The reason we go the extra mile is because our websites are our business so we don’t want any potential conflicts or errors to cause downtime.

Hope that helps!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! CAN I HAVE YOUR ADDRESS IM GONNA SEND YOU CHOCOLATES XOXOXO. All jokes aside, the fix that worked for me is downloading the Envato Market plugin and making an API token real quick and then updating my theme that way. Thanks so much.