Envato theme needs updating, but doesn't update

I received an email telling me to update my theme, but when i try to on my site, it says my theme is up to date. It is not. And, won’t let me update it to the current version. I even put in my api code. Is there something different I should be doing? Nothing comes up in the dashboard that says it needs updating, but the number is a few updates back. Thank you in advance for your help!

It’s probably best to ask the author but assuming that you are comfortable with the process, then the most solid route would be to re download the latest version from www.themeforest.net (assuming you are logged in) and then use that via ftp to update it.

How do I ask the author?
I’ve downloaded the updated theme, and tried to upload the zip via the usual upload in the theme, but it doesn’t work. I’m not comfortable enough messing with the ftp files to do that…

Look on the item page above the main image there are tabs including ‘support’ in there will be instructions on how to contact them